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agnew harrison Logo smallInvitations are sent out to the best  drummers in North America to compete annually at this prestigious event.

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Since 1977, The Livingstone Invitational has provided the stage for some of the best solo pipers in the world.


November 04, 2017 Highland Gala


gala night



Champion Supreme Bands and Soloists

Best Western Brantford Hotel and Conference Centre

19 Holiday Dr, Brantford, ON 

For map to hotel, please click  ON THIS LINK


Evening Schedule of Events


Time                               Event                                         Participant
7:00                                Grade 5 band CS                    Hamilton Police
                                       Grade 5 Light                          Aiden Fox-Ivey
                                       Grade 5 snare                          Sasha Little
                                       Grade 5 Tenor                         Megan Carpeneto
7:30                                Grade 4 CS                               Durham Police
                                       Grade 4 Light                          Mathew Pasons
                                       Novice Piobaireachd              Kathleen Lasseter
                                       Grade 4 Snare                          Brandon Nadeau
                                       Grade 4 Tenor                          Dawn Cohen
                                       Novice Bass                              Dylan Kite Smith
8:00                               Grade 3 CS                                Toronto Police
                                      Grade 3 Light                            Michael Malish
                                      JR Amateur Piob                       Mathew Parsons
                                      Grade 3 Snare                            Cameron MacDonald
                                      Grade 3 tenor                            Andrea jackson
                                      Amateur Bass                            River La Croix
                                      Novice Drum Major                 Clelia Boucher
8:45                               Grade 2 CS                                400 Squadron
                                      Grade 2 Light                            Drew Mackay
                                      Int Amateur Piob                      Drew Mackay
                                      Grade 1 Light                            Gavin Mackay
                                      Sen Amateur Piob                    Gavin Mackay
                                      Grade 1 snare                            Mathew Page
                                      Grade 2 Snare                            Madelyn Neil
                                      Grade 2 Tenor                            Rylee Neil
9:00                                          Country Dancing    Alan and Ellen
9:30                             Grade 1 CS                                   Toronto Police
                                    Professional Light                       Ian K MacDonald
                                    Prof Piobaireachd A                   Ian K MacDonald
                                    Prof Piobaireachd B                    Dylan Whittemore
                                    Professional Snare                       Kyle Wardell
                                    Professional Tenor                      Taylor Page
                                    Professional Bass                         Colin McKail
                                    Prof Drum Major                         Shannon Brookes



 This year's Highland Gala dress code will be

Semi-formal or Highland Dress

Absolutely NO jeans

The bringing in of externally purchased alcohol is strictly prohibited


Tickets are $25.00 per person at the door



Please visit Home page for our Branch Executives contact information.