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Registering for all our events will be available in late fall of 2017.


Registering online for our Amateur Competitions is easy!  It's a two step process.  Please fill out our registration form, then scroll down to the PayPal button and send through your payment for the number of events for which you are entered. 

We close registration the Thursday before the event in order to prepare an Order of Play.  Then, on the Friday, you will receive an email showing your assigned time, the adjudicators for that event, and the tune requirements.  Once all competitors have been notified, the list will appear on this site for the public to view.

If you experience any difficulty completing your registration, or if your name does not appear on the Order of Play for which you have registered, please Contact Us as soon as possible.


There will be a solo entry fee per event  for all competitors to be paid in advance.


Entry fee for the Mini-Band competition will be available in 2018. When several Mini-bands from the same organization compete, the second and all consecutive entry fees for members of that organization will be discounted.                                                                


Family members and spectators will be able to pay at the door.