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Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board Theory Workshop

Saturday February 22, 2020 3:00 PM-5:00 PM*

Improve your music literacy!  Learn the basics of reading and writing music with a special emphasis on piping and drumming.

The Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board (PDQB) is a unified qualifications structure for playing, teaching, examining, and adjudicating the Great Highland Bagpipe and Pipe Band Drumming.  PDQB is validated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and is developed jointly by The Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming, The Tri Service Cadet Centre, The National Piping Centre, The Piobaireachd Society and The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA).  Both Theory and Performance (practical) examinations certificates can be earned in Scottish Bagpipes and Scottish Pipe Band Drumming.
Conor Cooper, piper with the 78th Fraser Highlanders and holder of a Bachelor of Music Degree with honours, will review the material and cover practice examinations for both NPA Scottish Bagpipe Theory and Scottish Pipe Band Drumming Theory SCQF Level 3 and Level 4. 


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The Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board (PDQB) Level 3 and 4 Theory Workshop will cover the basics of reading and writing music as it pertains to highland bagpipes and snare drum. Students will learn to identify pitches, note values, and time signatures as they appear in written notation. Correct notation of bagpipe and snare drum embellishments will be examined and explained and a practice test will be administered. Students can expect to gain an understanding of the core skills required to read and write musical notation as well as an understanding of the requirements of PDQB level 3 and 4 theory examinations should they choose to undertake them in the future. There will also be a short overview of bagpipe maintenance as well as a presentation on how the highland bagpipe fits into western musical practices and how pipers should explain their music and notation to other “non-piper” musicians.

***this workshop does not include an official PDQB examination and certificate***

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